Jemma & Scott
Photography: Samuel Legge
Scott and Jemma first met in the late 1990s when they both lived in Bishops Cleeve. Jemma was 21 and Scott was just 17. He asked her out for a drink, but she declined on the basis that he wasn’t old enough to get served in a pub!
"After a couple of years, I moved away from Bishops Cleeve and our paths stopped crossing. Fast forward 14 years and one of Scott's friends started dating one of my friends. Our paths crossed again in a pub when I was attending a ‘sten’ party and we started talking again.
The Proposal
My sister and I had lived in Singapore in the early 1990s, and we were invited back to a 25-year school reunion. 

I found out later that Scott’s initial plan was to propose to me on the Formula 1 Grand Prix race track. It was a couple of weeks before the Grand Prix was being held there, so they were starting to get things ready, and you could still walk around the track along the start/finish line. 
I kept changing my mind as to when we should go and we ended up there when Scott didn’t have the engagement ring with him! 

We had booked lunch in the Stamford Hotel, opposite Raffles hotel. It was tallest hotel in the world back in the 1990s and featured a revolving restaurant at the top where you can see all across Singapore. 

After we had eaten lunch, we were stood at one of the windows looking at the view, when Scott got down on one knee and proposed to me!

 My sister was so busy faffing around trying to get her phone out of her bag to photograph it, that she nearly missed the moment!
Booking Glenfall House
After Scott had proposed, my sister and I were looking at wedding venues on the internet in Singapore when Glenfall came up. 

It was a new wedding venue, and I think Dianne had only bought the property the month before, so there wasn’t much to look at in terms of photos. 

However, my sister and I having grown up in Charlton Kings, knew where Glenfall was, and because of that, Scott and I decided to go and visit. 

It was the last venue on our list, but, we were blown away with the grandeur of Glenfall House and the grounds. We could see what Dianne and her team (very small at that time!) were aspiring to achieve, as well as the fact that Dianne was so impassioned and nice with it, we didn’t hesitate in booking our wedding.

Scott and I have a Boxer dog however, even though the team offer a dog sitting service, there was no way in this world that mad hoon of a hound was coming to our wedding!!!
Choosing the Season
I always wanted a late spring / early summer wedding as I wanted the sunshine. Scott however, just didn’t want our wedding to clash with the football season, which gave us May, June and July! We even managed to get married and went on honeymoon without it really impacting the World Cup, which we nearly overlooked!

Choosing a warmer month also allowed us to use the wonderful gardens to the full. We planned a wide selection of elements to entertain adults, kids ...and adults who wanted to be kids, in the sunshine!
The Wedding Day
Neither of us are that creative so we had quite a list of suppliers.

Wedding Cake - Confetti Cakes
Photographer - Samuel Legge
Wedding Invites and Table Plan - Love Story
Fine Food - Napier Catering 
Flowers - Eden Flowers
Hair - La Bella Boutique
Make-up - Laura Leigh
Balloons - Amazing Balloon Company
Pianist - Alasdair Bond
Horse and Carriage - Catherine’s Carriages 
Limousines - Cinderella Cars for the bridesmaids
Chair Sashes - Sweet Beginnings 
I opted to stay at my mum’s house the night before the wedding and Scott stayed at home and we had family and friends travel from all across England and Scotland to come and share our special day. We were both so relaxed, like what we were about to do was the right thing. 

We had the service in St Mary’s Church in Charlton Kings. 

I had always wanted a church wedding, and St Mary’s was my childhood church for Christingle and Harvest Festival services at school but more importantly for me, my Dad’s funeral was also held here, and I wanted to get married there so that my Dad would still be a part of it, as much as he could be. 

My Dad used handkerchiefs when he was alive; we never saw him without one as we grew up. I had one of his handkerchiefs sewed into my wedding dress which was my something old, something borrowed and something blue. 

I walked down the aisle to Trumpet Tune by Charpentier. I remember being very overwhelmed with emotion as I walked to Scott and cried a little - tears of joy though! 

My niece Freya, at the age of 2, made a fabulous flower girl, and did a wonderful job of walking in front of me down the aisle in the church. 

I just remember there being lots of smiling and laughter.
At Glenfall House
The team were amazing from start to finish. They offered to choose the music for our entrance into the wedding breakfast - it was perfect. 

They looked after us in every way imaginable and more; keeping our glasses topped up with Prosecco and offering me some magical top-tips for room navigation in a wedding dress (including in the ladies!) and helped my bridesmaids with their dresses too - it was the oil that kept the cogs turning.

Napier Catering provided the wonderful food - We had a gorgeous paté to start, followed by corn-fed chicken with mushrooms wrapped in pancetta with a white wine sauce for the main course, followed by chocolate brownies with coffee ice cream, chocolate shards and Tia Maria sauce for desert!

Our cake was amazing. We had little parcels for each person - a combination of Baileys & Vanilla, and then Chocolate & Guinness flavour. We had little models of us at the top of the cake which were brilliant. 

The speeches were wonderful. My Dad, the night that Scott had proposed to me, had written what he wanted my mum to say on his behalf. His words were essentially ‘at last’ and ‘thank god’ and my mum had done a brilliant job of pulling everything together. 

She had practised the speech every week from when she and my dad wrote it to when we got married. One of my friends came to me after and shared that he had never experienced a wedding speech where he laughed with happiness and cried with sadness at the same time. 

Scott had the arduous task of following my mum’s speech, and he did a wonderful job of keeping the spirits up. He was worried that he would have to pick the crowd up after my mum’s speech but actually, my mum had kept everything quite light hearted rather than sombre. Scott and then Matty, as his best man, delivered brilliantly funny speeches afterwards.
Our first dance in the Ballroom was to 'Suddenly', by Angry Anderson (those that are old enough to remember Scott and Charlene in Neighbours’ wedding, it was the song from that). 

Scott did an impromptu dance to take centre stage from me as were both vying to take the dancing crown! Scott’s mum thought he had rehearsed it! 

We had asked each of our guests to give us a song that would get them on the dance floor, so the song which followed was the Venga Boys!

After a great evening party with a hog roast, we spent our first night in one of Glenfall's Honeymoon Suites, then jetted of to Mauritius for our honeymoon!!!

Advice to new couples? When you get married, it will be the best day of your life, so sit back and enjoy it somewhere special."
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