Lindsay & Peter
Photography: Karl Moriarty
Lindsay, an interior designer specialising in high-end kitchen and living spaces and Peter, who runs his own Electrical Contractor business, decided to have a spring wedding at Glenfall House in 2018. 

"Pete was fitting some new lights in our design showroom when we first met, and after we'd worked on a number of client house projects together we quickly realised we were more than just good friends and colleagues!
The Proposal
We had a busy year in 2017 – moving house three times due to issues with our home purchase! Pete surprised me by proposing the day we moved in (I was busy and distracted with boxes and hadn't noticed his nerves!) 

He made me a collection of love notes describing everything he loved about me and us as a couple – with the ring attached to the final note! It was such an amazing moment when I realised what was happening and he was already down on one knee!
Booking Glenfall House
I'd seen Glenfall House advertised on my facebook stream. It had not long been open which was great news as we were keen to be married somewhere that our friends or family had not already attended for other weddings. 

We booked a visit and met Dianne (and Bud!) and were instantly fell in love with the venue and its relaxed, friendly atmosphere! It’s a hidden gem, so close to Cheltenham yet isolated enough to make you feel a million miles away! 

I clearly remember us both turning to each other and saying ‘this is it’! It was the first place we visited and although we did look at other possibilities, we always came back to our favourite - Glenfall House! 

One of the main selling points for us was the fact we had freedom to make it our own, along with the intimate feel that the rooms offer and the spectacular views and grounds. 

With only 50 guests we wanted our wedding to be more like a large family party where everyone stays together and makes use of all the rooms, which made Glenfall simply ideal. 

It was also made even better by Dianne’s quick responses to emails and how accommodating she was with all of our requests. The team were all so friendly!
Choosing the Season
We both love the Spring and specifically wanted May or June. This was cemented further when Dianne mentioned the beautiful wisteria would possibly be in season during this time! 

It was such a perfect day too – sunny and warm enough to enjoy the gardens and have drinks on the patio – just how we wished it to be!
Being creative myself, pretty much every detail was designed or created from scratch! 

From the bespoke invitations and table plan to the signage and floral displays – we tried to put our personal touch to it all. 

Most notably however, were the 6 elaborate table-centres that my Uncle handmade for us. He had designed our own ‘logo’ and with each piece being individual there was plenty to get everyone chatting amongst themselves! 

There was even a full length structure across the top table containing hundreds of tiny lights and our own ‘crest!… such a fabulous gift and surprise
Outside suppliers were chosen for most parts of the day, including the chair cover suppliers, flowers and a 4-piece band for entertainment. 

We decided to use Napier Catering as the recommended food supplier. We'd met with Dianne's team and the head chef the day before just to ensure all details were covered - they were brilliant!
The Wedding Day
Thinking back now it was all a blur of excitement really, I can’t say I was nervous, maybe only about not falling over! We just couldn’t wait to see each other at the altar! 

I chose to get ready at my family home as we had a traditional church service at St Mary Magdalene Church, Boddington, near Cheltenham - the village church where my parents live. I walked down the aisle to the traditional wedding march. 

I wore a garter that my Mum had made especially for me; it had a blue ribbon (new and blue) and I pinned a special brooch that I borrowed from my Nanna onto it too (borrowed and old). 

Sadly, she was too unwell to make it to the wedding but getting ready at home meant I was able to see her beforehand. We lit a candle in the church and my Dad made a mention in his speech for my Grandad and Pete’s Nan who had passed away not long ago. There was also a wedding photo of both our sets of Grandparents positioned next to our wedding cake.

Everyone was just so happy and excited for us! it was the Best moment!

We travelled to Glenfall House straight after the ceremony.
As always, the team at Glenfall House were fantastic! Everything ran so smoothly and all to the schedule/times we had planned, I can honestly say there were no stresses or dramas at all, just perfect!
At Glenfall House
We chose a wonderful menu.

 Canapés - bamboo boat containing mini sausage and mash, crab fishcake, bruschetta
Starter – deconstructed prawn cocktail (risotto for vegetarians)
Main – supreme of chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham (goats cheese tart for V)
Dessert – Trio of desserts - lemon Cheesecake, Strawberry and Cream Parfait, Chocolate Brownie
Evening – Burgers & Halloumi wraps
My Uncle’s partner made us the most amazing cake that surpassed our expectations! 

We had a traditional 3-tier cake with a very different twist – an anti-gravity watering can pouring a cascade of beautiful flowers. 

I am not a fan of icing so specifically wanted butter cream instead, we also had 3 different flavours of sponge so there would be something for everyone! 

We invited a further 30 guests to our evening reception and had a 4 piece live band who were amazing and really got the party started! 

We chose to have our first dance once they had arrived - Jamie Lawson ‘In Our Own Worlds’ which holds sentimental value to us both. We'd had some lessons previously and learnt a romantic dance to surprise our guests – it was such a great moment!
A Cosy Luxurious Home
We love the fact that Glenfall feels like a large but cosy luxurious home, somewhere that everyone could feel comfortable and not too spread out. 

Having the Coach House was also a huge bonus as it meant guests that were travelling could stay and, of course, family could enjoy the luxury rooms upstairs too. 

We had such great weather so our guests were able to enjoy the stunning gardens and we could have photographs around the grounds. Each area of the garden has a magical feeling, its something we loved since our first visit. 

Also, a special mention about the piano as I had always dreamt of a pianist at my wedding and we were lucky enough to find a talented local musician who could not only play a beautiful selection of our favourite songs, but also take any requests. He played during the drinks reception and after the wedding breakfast.
Any Advice?
Yes! Don’t get too caught up in the details… your day will be so perfect and no one will remember the cutlery or the chair sashes! 

We consciously took time to step back and savour every moment, it all goes so quickly but we made sure to be ‘present’ and not be swept along in all the crazy excitement!
And Finally, The Honeymoon
We decided to delay our honeymoon until the end of July, so we had something to look forward to once all the wedding rush was over, this is something I highly recommend! 

A 14 night luxury cruise around the Mediterranean was booke stopping at 6 destinations including Rome – it was simply perfect!

If we were to sum everything up in 3 words, we'd choose... Magical, Memorable and totally perfect (yes, I know, that’s 4 words!)"
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