A Day in the Life of a Wedding Venue General Manager
Always offering the warmest greeting, Dianne puts her heart and soul, (and copious amounts of time) into the running of Glenfall House.

I am in the very lucky position to live on site at the moment, so have the luxury of falling out of bed to work!. Before heading into the office I love walking around our gardens, seeing what flowers are out and listening to the wildlife before I start my day. 

If I can, I never like to go straight into a meeting first thing in the morning. If I did, it would be hard to gauge what is going on that day, so where I can I avoid them before 9.30am. I use this time to catch up with the team, making sure that everyone knows what is expected of them that day. This is especially important after any events, so I can chat through with the team any feedback from the day before and actions going forward. 

One of my key tasks is to work with Dan and Rebecca to set the business strategy, get the right team and plan for the future of Glenfall. 

I also ensure our team and our couples are happy, kept up-to-date with any changes (especially during the pandemic), and looking at how we need to adapt the business to accommodated any changes.
I respond to all enquiries about Glenfall House, whether it be for a wedding, a party or a corporate event. Outside of that, I do what the business needs me to do. It's my job to respond to the business challenges and requirements in any way I can, and to be fully involved and available to our couples and clients.

No two days are the same and my job isn't 9 to 5! My working day fits in with our guests. They love the fact that we are available for a chat at a time that suits them, rather than the traditional 9-5 of a standard venue. I aim to be available whenever someone enquires; to me  that is when they have their event at the forefront of their mind - so I want to start the conversation at their convenience. 

Every day is different, one of the key goals of Glenfall is to enable each event to be specific to the guests. This therefore means we have a lot of organising to do for every event, from organising suppliers; building bespoke menus; making sure the venue is ready etc. I love this - it means we are not a conveyor belt for events! 

I am fully engaged in all aspects of the business, and because we are such a small team I can ensure I can chat to all the team members when they are in working.

Hearing from a happy couple and seeing the business thrive. It means so much to us all at Glenfall to receive good feedback, knowing the hard work we have put in has paid off. We recognise that quite often we share the same focus and ambition as our clients (whether corporate or parties) and when we are successful together, it can be very rewarding for all of us. 

We get really excited about each and every event we host. It's great when you see an event taking place and the client is happy. It makes you feel proud knowing you've contributed to its success. 

The Glenfall team is small, and we have a handful of excellent suppliers that we work with on a regular basis. What is great is that everyone is so supportive, and we genuinely care about one another, both personally and professionally.
Our pets - Budweiser & Oscar
Driving with the roof down
Socialising with friends
The rain (I can't have the roof down)
Cup of tea going cold
Doing nothing
A nice sugary doughnut
Sunday roast
Parma ham and melon
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  • "The team at Glenfall really put their heart and soul into everything they do - they are fantastic! Nothing was ever too much trouble."
  • "Aside from the venue being simply stunning, Dianne and her team make the whole process of wedding planning as relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible."
  • "The relaxed and friendly environment the team create really appealed to us and the fact the venue was exclusive use made it feel really intimate - it was perfect!"
  • "I can't write a review good enough to justify how amazing Glenfall is. They made our day so special and it certainly wouldn't of been the same without them. I haven't seen anywhere who give anywhere near as much care and attention to their events."
  • "Myself and my now husband Kevin (woop!) had our wedding at Glenfall House and wow! It's the most beautiful venue we could have ever asked for. The garden, the building and views are so picturesque."
  • "We've had so many compliments from our guests that it was the most beautiful venue and wedding they've been to. It really felt the most special day of our lives and we loved every minute of it"
  • "Glenfall House was the perfect venue for our wedding - Dianne and her team were so accommodating and flexible with meeting our vision."
  • "If you want a glamorous but unpretentious venue, look no further. It has the atmosphere of a luxury hotel whilst feeling like you're at home having a party with your loved ones."
  • "We had our wonderful wedding here , beautiful building and grounds , not to mention the wonderful staff , that ensured our day went smoothly..... would highly recommend Glenfall House as a wedding venue."
  • "The house and gardens are stunning; the tasteful decor highlights the original features of the house and adds to its beauty."
  • "The whole house, including the staff are warm and cosy, for a small wedding like mine was, it was perfect."
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