A Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Hair Accessories
Written By Lilly Dilly's
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Gone are the days of having to wear a traditional tiara, unless that's your choice of course!

When it comes to your wedding hair accessories there are a huge variety to choose from and quite a few things you need to consider when thinking about the type of accessory you want to wear. Some of the types available are vines, drapes, clips, combs, flower crowns, tiaras, birdcage veils, bridal fascinators and pins. My strong advice would be to take your time and not leave it until the last minute. Your bridal look will be 'finished' by what you wear in your hair so needs to compliment the outfit perfectly along with being comfortable, suitable for your hair type and affordable for your budget.

Let me take you through my guide to choosing your wedding hair accessories to find the best match for you.
A guide to choosing your Wedding Hair Accessories - Lilly Dilly's
1. Your Hairdresser

I cannot stress it enough that you need to ensure that you choose a reputable salon/hairdresser and that you take advice and guidance from your hair stylist. They are the experts when it comes to hair and have styled wedding hair a million times or more. They will analyse your hair, take on board your ideas and guide you with advice about what sort of style will work for your hair type and colour. They will be realistic with you and if you have chosen a style that they do not think will work with your hair, they will explain why and have plenty of suggestions for alternatives. They also have lots of experience with the accessories themselves and can probably tell you a few 'accessory drama' stories.
2. Hair Colour

Your hair colour will affect your choice of accessory. You need to try and go for a contrast in colour or materials in order for the accessory to be visible and stand out in all its glory. At the same time you need to be careful not to choose something that would clash or disappear! Especially if you have colourful hair. For example, rainbow hair with a rainbow accessory would not be visible. Brown hair with autumn flowers would not be as striking as blonde hair with autumn flowers. Gold accents don't show up in blonde hair as much as silver and vice versa for dark hair.
A guide to choosing your Wedding Hair Accessories - Lilly Dilly's
3. Hair type and head size

Not all accessories will suit all people or hair types. Therefore if you have fine, wispy hair, a heavily embellished piece will not hold in your hair as it would be far too heavy or even if on an alice band the piece would be too big and look 'clumsy' with your hair type. Therefore, a delicate, smaller piece would hold in better in the hair and be more flattering. Similarly, if you have thick heavy hair, a delicate vine type piece would get lost in all that hair so a statement piece would have more impact. If you are thinking flower crown, you need to think about the size of your head and whether you want it to be subtle or an overstated piece. Flowers of course come in all different shapes and sizes and can be chosen to make a piece that compliments your head and face shape beautifully.
4. Theme

There are no 'rules' when it comes to weddings anymore and so anything goes! If you are having a themed or colour schemed wedding you may want or need to take that into consideration for your hair accessory. If you have chosen a fully vintage themed wedding from a particular era, chances are the outfits and hairstyles will follow suit. A gorgeous 1940's 'victory roll' hair up and pin curls is not going to work with a modern fascinator style piece but would lend itself to a vintage style drape or birdcage veil. If you have chosen a quirky theme like 'wizard of oz' or 'comic books' you may want to have some of those details or colours as part of the hair accessory. Bespoke hair accessory specialists are able to design and create something like that for you. Steampunk can be very popular and again if you are going full theme, an alice hairband or tiara is not going to be the look you are trying to create, instead a mini stovepipe hat would create the wow factor.

The accessory should compliment the style of the outfit. If you have a bridal dress that has embellishments like rhinestones, crystals or pearls, it works well for the hair accessory to have some of the same matching details.
5. Veil or no veil?

If you have decided to wear a veil, that is something else to factor in when choosing an accessory. Firstly the style of veil and secondly where you will wear it in your hair. A birdcage veil or 'blusher' veil are worn across the face whereas the traditional veil is worn at the back, either at the top of the head or towards the nape of the neck. The accessory worn with a veil will work with the hairstyle too. So if you go for an ultra modern flawless high bun you would generally have a medium to long veil at the back under the bun and a 'sparkly' braid accessory around the bun itself. If you opt for a cathedral length veil then a traditional tiara/comb style piece would partner perfectly.
6. Destination Weddings

If you are getting married overseas you will be limited on space and weight for your luggage so you will need to consider that. Also, the climate in the country will have a big impact, you do not want to be wearing anything that will make you uncomfortable or hot and 'sweaty' on the day. Finally, you may be doing your own hair or have a friend or relative doing it so you may need to choose a style and accessory that is simple and easy.
7. Budget & Quality

And finally, money always has to play a part in wedding planning. It is an expensive occasion but there are certain things that in my professional opinion need to take priority. How you look and feel on the day is paramount! This will be one of the most important days of your life and you need to be able to look back on your day and have no regrets. You need to feel like YOU and be comfortable in what you are wearing not feel like a spectacle on show in a parade! Plus, the last thing you need on your wedding morning is an 'accessory drama' like I mentioned earlier. During my time working with countless amounts of hair stylists, I myself have heard multiple horror stories. Each time the theme being the same, the accessory has been a last minute thought or bought cheaply and on the morning of the wedding it won't hold in the hair or breaks as the stylist is trying to put it into the hairstyle.

Quality is what you are looking for. Accessories that are made in bulk simply do not have the quality and that is usually reflected in the price. Having a bespoke handcrafted accessory does not have to mean it has to be unaffordable, the specialist would still work with your budget if they can but it does mean that the standard of work is much higher resulting in a higher quality item. It's also worth remembering that the hair piece is also a keepsake and a memory that can be treasured forever!

Louise -“ Owner and Creative Director, Lilly Dilly's
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Louise will be joining us for our Virtual Talk Tuesday on Tuesday 23rd February and be on hand to answer any wedding accessory questions you have. 
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