A Day in the Life of our Head of Maintenance & Logistics
With such a big building to keep up to the highest standards we certainly keep Chris busy. 

A late riser I tend to start my working days mid-morning working later in the afternoon. This tends to work well for Glenfall as I am able to make sure we are set up ready for the day ahead at the end of each day. 

A typical day always starts with checking into the office to see if anything in particular needs my attention from the previous day. After a general check in (and fuss of the dogs) I will have a meeting with the relevant event coordinator about any set up requirements and if we do not have an event on it is one of the tasks on the list of keeping Glenfall in prime condition. 

I am mainly responsible for the general upkeep and improvements of our buildings and grounds and where tasks need a specialist I will liaise and coordinate the contractors. 

Day to day I ensure all set up for wedding and events is in place ready for the next event and generally help with the heavy lifting! 

Inside jobs can involve anything from fixing lights right through to painting and plastering. Outside apart from big renovation jobs I like to make sure our public areas have a thorough jet wash and clean regularly. 

And I also tend to be the one to go and fetch any shopping for the team whilst out and about! 

Rarely is one day similar to the other apart from taking Chester and Bud out for a good play around the gardens. 

As a standard in addition to room set up on days before events I will ensure all outside spaces are clean and ready, give all our accommodation rooms a once over for any issues that may have arisen and check over any electrical equipment such as fire alarms and sound systems. 

On non event days the House itself dictates the work. If we have a period without any guests I will use this time to undergo some of our bigger projects. 

Overall the variety of the job itself is the best part. From heavy lifting, making disabled ramps to painting rooms - the fact that no two days are the same is what makes it so enjoyable. 

I also enjoy getting to learn so much on the job about other trades such as plumbing, electrical and woodwork. Since working at Glenfall House I have been able to really grow and develop my skill set. 

I also happen to quite enjoy working to my own initiative so Glenfall keeps me busy - and when I fancy a little company Bud and Chester do a great job! 
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Recycling bins not being used correctly!
Chester not being at work
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  • "The team at Glenfall really put their heart and soul into everything they do - they are fantastic! Nothing was ever too much trouble."
  • "Aside from the venue being simply stunning, Dianne and her team make the whole process of wedding planning as relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible."
  • "The relaxed and friendly environment the team create really appealed to us and the fact the venue was exclusive use made it feel really intimate - it was perfect!"
  • "I can't write a review good enough to justify how amazing Glenfall is. They made our day so special and it certainly wouldn't of been the same without them. I haven't seen anywhere who give anywhere near as much care and attention to their events."
  • "Myself and my now husband Kevin (woop!) had our wedding at Glenfall House and wow! It's the most beautiful venue we could have ever asked for. The garden, the building and views are so picturesque."
  • "We've had so many compliments from our guests that it was the most beautiful venue and wedding they've been to. It really felt the most special day of our lives and we loved every minute of it"
  • "Glenfall House was the perfect venue for our wedding - Dianne and her team were so accommodating and flexible with meeting our vision."
  • "If you want a glamorous but unpretentious venue, look no further. It has the atmosphere of a luxury hotel whilst feeling like you're at home having a party with your loved ones."
  • "We had our wonderful wedding here , beautiful building and grounds , not to mention the wonderful staff , that ensured our day went smoothly..... would highly recommend Glenfall House as a wedding venue."
  • "The house and gardens are stunning; the tasteful decor highlights the original features of the house and adds to its beauty."
  • "The whole house, including the staff are warm and cosy, for a small wedding like mine was, it was perfect."
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