A Day in the Life of an Events Coordinator
Kat's energy, creativity, and sense of humour translate to events planned with heart, dedication, and fun.

My mornings usually start with a rousing chorus of 'Muuuuuuuummmm, I can't find my shoes/school bag/ toy of varying descriptions'. Followed by a mad dash to remove whatever food substance has been unwittingly transferred to my five-minute clean work outfit. Once everyone is safely deposited at school and nursery, I am off to Glenfall House to start my workday.

A regular morning will probably start with an all-important cup of coffee and a catch up on what has happened at Glenfall the previous day, talking to the other members of the team and assessing what the priorities for the day are. I will usually be found answering emails or setting up the venue, if we have a wedding that day.

My main responsibilities are to ensure that the guests that have booked with us have all the help that they need planning their wedding or event. It is my job to help with any aspects of the planning process that they need and to make sure that they are happy and confident that their wedding or event at Glenfall will go seamlessly.

I will be making sure that I am in contact with the couples/hosts to discuss ideas, offer advice and suggestions, recommend suppliers and to do everything I can to tailor the event to suit their specific requirements.

On an event day, I will be on hand to help with anything that may be needed. I will make sure guests have found their rooms, that everyone is in the right place at the right time and that the Bride and Groom have the best day they possibly can.

On non-event days, I start by checking my emails and the office noticeboards. We have really great visual timetables of what is happening when, so we are always up to date with what events are coming up and where each couple are in the planning stages of their wedding.

I will usually spend time answering email questions, sending out helpful documents or speaking to suppliers regarding the events that are coming up. I may well speak with guests on the phone or take accommodation bookings for guests that are attending weddings.

I may have a meeting or two booked. This could be a planning meeting, which is always a lovely chance to go through details and plans and talk through ideas of how to make their day really special, or a food tasting with one of our couples and caterers. 

All of this will be liberally interspersed with cups of coffee and maybe the odd biscuit!

My job is great! I can't say what the best part of my job is, but the best part of my day, is my drive up to Glenfall. It is such a beautiful place that even though I live close by, a five minute drive into the countryside seems like a different world. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing Glenfall House appear at the end of the drive as I approach, or the beautiful views across the gardens and surrounding countryside. 

As I am fairly new to the Glenfall Team, I am constantly learning and picking up new skills along the way. I feel very lucky to be part of such a lovely and supportive team and to work in such a beautiful location.
Rhubarb & Ginger Gin
Being creative - printing, sewing, drawing, baking - you name it!
Moths (bleuurrghh!)
People talking over something I am trying to watch
Spoilers (don't get me started!)
Homemade pizza -“ with a super thin crust
Sour sweets -“ the ones that feel like they are going to burn a hole in your tongue!
Almond croissants 
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  • "The team at Glenfall really put their heart and soul into everything they do - they are fantastic! Nothing was ever too much trouble."
  • "Aside from the venue being simply stunning, Dianne and her team make the whole process of wedding planning as relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible."
  • "The relaxed and friendly environment the team create really appealed to us and the fact the venue was exclusive use made it feel really intimate - it was perfect!"
  • "I can't write a review good enough to justify how amazing Glenfall is. They made our day so special and it certainly wouldn't of been the same without them. I haven't seen anywhere who give anywhere near as much care and attention to their events."
  • "Myself and my now husband Kevin (woop!) had our wedding at Glenfall House and wow! It's the most beautiful venue we could have ever asked for. The garden, the building and views are so picturesque."
  • "We've had so many compliments from our guests that it was the most beautiful venue and wedding they've been to. It really felt the most special day of our lives and we loved every minute of it"
  • "Glenfall House was the perfect venue for our wedding - Dianne and her team were so accommodating and flexible with meeting our vision."
  • "If you want a glamorous but unpretentious venue, look no further. It has the atmosphere of a luxury hotel whilst feeling like you're at home having a party with your loved ones."
  • "We had our wonderful wedding here , beautiful building and grounds , not to mention the wonderful staff , that ensured our day went smoothly..... would highly recommend Glenfall House as a wedding venue."
  • "The house and gardens are stunning; the tasteful decor highlights the original features of the house and adds to its beauty."
  • "The whole house, including the staff are warm and cosy, for a small wedding like mine was, it was perfect."
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