A Day in the Life of an Events Coordinator
Our details girl, resolute in her determination to get every detail right for you on your big day.

My mornings at home are pretty speedy with no faffing around. I like to squeeze in as much sleep as possible and then walk 5 seconds to the office (perks of living on site).

First things first, I get a cup of tea for myself and the team's“ priorities! Then check all my emails to make sure I am all up to date with all my couples. Usually, the closer to the event you get, the more emails I have. I like to make sure all the suppliers are well informed about the goings on of the event they will be attending and vice versa. I then check in with my work colleagues in case I have missed anything from the day before, especially if I have not been in.

Either that or I am helping prepare a full English breakfast for all the lovely, although slightly hungover guests, from the night before.

I mainly liaise with the couples of weddings or hosts of parties. Discussing all the different parts of their event as well as keeping them up to date with everything going on at Glenfall or with suppliers. Helping them out with any questions or prompting them with ideas or what to do next in their planning timeline. From the point of the first deposit being paid to the day of the event, I am the helping guide to help make the experience of the planning your big day as enjoyable and painless as possible.

Not so 'main' but still something that I do and enjoy is a bit of the marketing. This ranges from video editing, helping create posts for our social media and thinking about and organising future events at Glenfall. Each day will bring something new, and as a team we always try and think of new ideas we can bring to the company so responsibilities are always changing and adapting to result in making the best experience for anyone who walks through our door.

I would also class tea making a key responsibility. With the amount of tea our team gets through, I take this responsibility very seriously - as I'm sure most of the team would agree.

Difficult to say as each day here is very different. It can vary from a whole day at my desk to a whole day running around helping set up for the any given event. That is one of the main things that drew me towards this job. I enjoy the variety this role provides. You can have a good plan of what you set to achieve that day and then you can get an email and that  'To Do List' can completely reshuffle.

The main type of day in which we have a set routine is the day of an event. Upon arriving, I always check everything is following the timeline and if I need to chase any issues before checking in with the Bride/Groom if they are getting ready here. Then from then on, I am making sure everything is running on time. During the day I take on several different job roles: I am the DJ during the ceremony - playing the music at the right times, I am the bar tender - handing out the all important glass of fizz to the new husband and wife and I am the receptionist - greeting the day and evening guests. I am unable to go into much detail as each wedding is completely different but to keep it short and sweet, I would describe it as busy. Keeps me fit. Definitely better than going to the gym!  

I'm going to pick 3 because they are all equally as good.

1. Watching everyone's hard work and organisation come together on the day of the wedding/party. Seeing everyone having a good time makes the harder parts of the job all worth it. 

2. Seeing the photos couples or photographers send us of the big day. I love seeing how each one is captured and how each one is individual with their own style. Plus, these are the bits that last forever and stay with the couple. We are very busy on the day of the weddings, so we can sometimes miss some of the beautiful moments during the day. It is always rewarding to see the photos come in and knowing that you were part of someone's happiest days of their lives.

3. I also very much enjoy my 5 second walk to work. Not only do I have that little bit longer in bed in the mornings, I also get to live in this amazing location surrounded by the beautiful gardens. Makes these sunny days while stuck in quarantine feel like a summer holiday! Plus with all the wildlife that's around, I feel a bit like Snow White.
Doing anything creative (like my pottery class)
Chinese takeaway
Sunday Roast WITH stuffing (very important)
Anything that goes with a nice cup of tea, for example cake
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  • "The team at Glenfall really put their heart and soul into everything they do - they are fantastic! Nothing was ever too much trouble."
  • "Aside from the venue being simply stunning, Dianne and her team make the whole process of wedding planning as relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible."
  • "The relaxed and friendly environment the team create really appealed to us and the fact the venue was exclusive use made it feel really intimate - it was perfect!"
  • "I can't write a review good enough to justify how amazing Glenfall is. They made our day so special and it certainly wouldn't of been the same without them. I haven't seen anywhere who give anywhere near as much care and attention to their events."
  • "Myself and my now husband Kevin (woop!) had our wedding at Glenfall House and wow! It's the most beautiful venue we could have ever asked for. The garden, the building and views are so picturesque."
  • "We've had so many compliments from our guests that it was the most beautiful venue and wedding they've been to. It really felt the most special day of our lives and we loved every minute of it"
  • "Glenfall House was the perfect venue for our wedding - Dianne and her team were so accommodating and flexible with meeting our vision."
  • "If you want a glamorous but unpretentious venue, look no further. It has the atmosphere of a luxury hotel whilst feeling like you're at home having a party with your loved ones."
  • "We had our wonderful wedding here , beautiful building and grounds , not to mention the wonderful staff , that ensured our day went smoothly..... would highly recommend Glenfall House as a wedding venue."
  • "The house and gardens are stunning; the tasteful decor highlights the original features of the house and adds to its beauty."
  • "The whole house, including the staff are warm and cosy, for a small wedding like mine was, it was perfect."
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